What I’m Willing To Settle For

When I’m 14 years old which is around one year from the time I’m writing this I’m willing to settle for a fully operational photography business, entering college as a senior, start a campus fellowship, and be a fully independent person financially. These are the things I’m willing to settle for a year for now.
But when I’m 18 I’d have to settle for something so I’m going to settle for having start a ministry of my own, owning an operational company, be worth 500,000 dollars, and to build my personal house from scratch the way I like it. Although this goals might be harder than what I would settle for at the age of 14 I know I will be able to overcome them and get what I settled for.
Finally, when I’m 25 I will be willing to settle for my company to have grown internationally and to have built my personal mansion on a huge ranch with prize horses. I would also settle for growing a beard, having a family of my own (I would like this goal completed at a younger age), and having millions of acres of real estate.
In closing these are the things I’m willing to settle for in these point in my life, being a preacher, operating my business calling, making profit from it, and enjoying what I do.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Willing To Settle For

      1. Hey I’m just wondering if you want to be a author in my website, I have a website for photography, so If I let you post photos in my blog, obviously under you’re name not mine, will you be up to it?
        If not I do understand.



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