History of Africa: Ancient Civilizations

indexAfrica is thought to be most diverse continent in the world. It has virtually every type of climate except frozen tundra; there are deserts, jungles, safari plains, forests, mountains, lakes. It also has the longest river in the world: the Nile River. The Nile river flows through some of the most prestigious old civilizations in Africa which are:
Egypt – Egypt is one of the most well-known civilizations and is also known as one of the strongest. The country’s civilization was ruled by Pharaohs and was based on the Nile River because it was an agricultural society. Egypt was conquered by the Persians, gained their freedom, and were again conquered by the Roman Empire in 31 BC. After the Roman Empire’s influence faded it adopted the new and growing religion called Islam.
The Nubian civilization – It was located south of Egypt and was also based around the Nile River. It was known for trading with Arabia and the Mediterranean civilizations, and we’re also know for establishing iron-working. They remained mostly independent of Egypt after the rise of Rome but declined in power after 400 AD.
Ethiopia – The Ethiopian civilization began around 500 BC and went by another name: Axum. It was built by trade along the Red Sea Coast and although originally and Arab styled country, they integrated elements of Egyptian, Greek, and Christian culture. The country became strong and rich during the first century; and were ruled by a strong line of kings. They were also the only civilization that were not colonized by the Europeans.
In closing, although Africa had a lot of natural resources and wealth, Egypt, Axum, and Ethiopia were the only recorded civilizations that made use of it.

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