Grievances against Parliament and Proposed Solutions

To The British Parliament,
We the colonists believe that we have been taxed unfairly by you (the British Parliament) without representation and we present our grievances with the following solutions:
First, The Navigation Acts which restricts us from having profitable trade with other countries, shipping our goods in foreign vessels, shipping directly to any foreign nation without first going through England which consumes more time and money, and getting cheaper labor by hiring people from other nationalities without 3/4 of our crew being British. We (the colonists) feel that we should be allowed to trade with other countries, be able to ship products in non-British ships, and be able to make a living for ourselves without harassment, even if we have to make 3/4 of our crew British and go through Britain to do so.
Next, the Quartering Act which is quite an outrageous piece of legislation that forces us to provide housing and food to local British soldiers at our own expense without any form of reimbursement by the government is quite intolerable its complete removal is sought for.
Also, The Townshend Acts which gives a high tax for everyday items bought and used such as tea, glass, lead, paper, and paint. This also intolerable act was done without us being represented in Parliament and a reduction of the tax or its complete removal is also sought for.
In closing, we hope you (Parliament) will consider our grievances and treat us fairly and as equals.
The Continental Congress

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